Global Tech Entrepreneurs Exposure Trip to

South Africa

February 2017

Are you interested in entering the South African market?

En-novate makes understanding global markets simple, fast and effective. To date, South African entrepreneurs have derived great value from our international business trips to destinations such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, Tel Aviv and Helsinki.

Historically South Africa has proven to be the gateway for many international businesses that look to reach Sub-Saharan African consumers.

In 2017, we will be extending this offering to British, Finnish and American tech entrepreneurs who are interested in potentially scaling their products into the South African market. 


1 Week Trip to Cape Town & Johannesburg

One-week immersion trip highlighting the South African economy and gaps in the market.


Tech Ecosystem

Exposure to South Africa’s rapidly growing tech ecosystem.


Test Market

Opportunity to rapidly prototype and test business assumptions in a new prospective market.


Find Local Partners

Where possible, En-novate will facilitate private meetings with potential local partners, in addition to the general program.


Why South Africa?

  • Population of 53 million and gateway to the rest of Southern Africa.
  • Ranked best country in sub-Saharan Africa for global competitiveness by the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index, ahead of India and Brazil.
  • Ranked #73 easiest country in which to do business by the World Economic Forum – higher than powerhouses Nigeria and Kenya.
  • World-renowned Constitution, independent judiciary and Reserve Bank
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange on the African continent, boasting a highly sophisticated financial services sector, with all the opportunities of an emerging market country.
  • Best infrastructure on the African continent

What you can expect from an En-novate Exposure Trip:

Lay of the Land

Workshops on South African business culture, economic development and consumer market, as well as commercial legal framework.

Funding and Investments

Meetings with top venture capital, private equity and developmental funding agencies.

Research Institutions and Innovation Hubs

Exposure to South African technology transfer offices and public and private support structures for start-ups.

Potential Partners

Meetings with some of South Africa’s most cutting-edge tech start-ups looking for overseas partners.

Trip Dates: February 2017 

Cost: $4 000, excluding VAT. (50% subsidies available for Finnish participants)

Where: Cape Town and Johannesburg


Tech Opportunities in South Africa

  • “South Africa is a unique and special environment in which to start a business. On the one hand, you have an amazing amount of technical and business talent. On the other hand, you have all the problems that come from being a developing country. In many ways, it’s place that has all the tools it needs to solve the problems it has; the only thing missing at times is the spark that triggers the skills to flow towards solving these problems. When the spark occurs, we get fantastic start-ups with the potential to scale far beyond our borders. Oh, and the weather is amazing.”

    Lungisa Matshoba
    Co-Founder of Yoco (FinTech), Cape Town
  • “South Africa gives you a great window into the African tech economy, backed by a strong group of local entrepreneurs, as well as an experienced pool of tech talent. Engaging with South African technology companies should give you a fresh view of what is possible on the African continent”.

    Hein Koen
    Founder of Flickswitch (Mobile), Cape Town
  • “Technology entrepreneurs today often resemble alchemists searching and experimenting for the just right elements to create something world-changing. South Africa is their perfect cauldron; combining disparate elements of a highly sophisticated economy side-by-side with vast, untapped developing markets. The natural outcome is that South Africa is currently breeding the next generation of emerging market technology champions: in Africa, and far beyond.”

    Sheraan Amod
    Founder of Recomed (MedTech), Cape Town
  • “Entrepreneurship in Africa has a funny way of lagging behind the developed world, biding its time, and then mimicking the best of what it has seen. Amongst the historical similarities between California and South Africa are that both experienced spectacular gold rushes, where early arrivals achieved significant success and late arrivals missed out. It took California around 130 years to move from the rush for physical gold to the rush for virtual wealth. South Africa discovered gold 131 years ago. The great virtual gold rush of the African continent is imminent.”

    Harry Shomalistos
    Founder, Corellian Ventures, Johannesburg

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