Green/ Renewable Energy Trip to San Francisco

28 July – 4 August 2017


Applications are now open.

Protecting the environment is part of San Francisco’s social fabric: The Sierra Club, the largest environmental organization in the world, was founded in San Francisco in 1892. In 2006, Silicon Valley began to bet big on clean energy technology.

Seduced by grand visions of making a fortune while saving the planet, venture capitalists invested a then-record $123m in the first round of fundraising for 16 new companies that year. In 2008, they would sink nearly $1bn in over 100 new companies.

Investec and En-novate are embarking on an exposure trip to San Francisco inviting South Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs in the green\renewable energy sector to apply for the programme taking place from 28 July – 4 August 2017.

WalletHub ranked San Francisco as the most environmentally-friendly city in the US. San Francisco Mayor Mike Lee recently announced the City’s goal of a 50 percent renewable electricity supply by 2020.

This goal will create 5 000 jobs in the Renewable Energy sector infrastructure development programme. CleanPowerSF launched by City of San Francisco to significantly increase the proportion of electrical energy supplied to the San Francisco electrical grid from local renewable sources, decrease San Francisco’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and help combat global climate change.

San Francisco tech companies like Google expect to be powered entirely by clean energy this year. In January, Apple Inc. agreed to buy the output from a proposed 200-megawatt solar farm in Nevada to help power a data center in Reno, Nevada. And Inc., the San Francisco-based business software company, said it has reached net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

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Applications close on June 16th 2017. 

For any queries please contact Shirley Moihloe at or at 011 286 9383