US University Exploration Trip

for South African Parents

21-28 January 2017

Do you want your child to receive a world-class university education?

Do you want your child to be a global citizenwith access to international internships, job opportunities and graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset?

Do you want your child to find their passion through a flexible and rigorous academic system?

En-novate is launching the expansion of our “Growth Through Global Exposure” offering to South African families who are interested in looking at the US higher education system as an option for their children.

What you can expect from an En-novate University Exploration Trip:


1 Week in New York & Boston

One-week immersion trip highlighting the US higher education system.



Exposure to the university application process, academic requirements, scholarship opportunities and legal considerations.


Engaging Visits

Visits and in-depth conversations with faculty, admissions officers and students at Ivy League universities, Private and State universities, Community Colleges and tertiary alternatives.


Customised Meetings

Where possible, En-novate will facilitate private meetings in addition to the general programme.


Why Study in the US?

  • Home to 7 of the world’s 10 highest ranked universities. (California Institute of Technology; Stanford; MIT; Harvard; Princeton; University of California, Berkley; and University of Chicago)
  • Increased student diversity and course variety
  • Global education and long-term career prospects
  • “The US college experience”

Notable South Africans who have studied in the US include: Elon Musk, Fani Titi, Roelof Botha, Allan Gray, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Khanyi Dlhomo. They  (and many other former international students) have used their world-class education to build phenomenal careers.

The value attributed to sending your child to a US university is far-reaching.

Trip Dates: 21-28 January 2017

Cost: $USD 5 000, excluding VAT

Where: New York and Boston


Stories from South Africans with US Degrees

  • “I was privileged to have done my second postgraduate degree in Boston. Having come from Wits, where classes comprised of hundreds of students, I suddenly found myself in an environment where there were never more than 20 students in a class. There was an automatic presumption by the professors that you had read the work, and that you were in class to give your opinion and participate, rather than just being lectured to.

    More than the studying, the exposure to fellow students from around the globe was an incredible experience. I maintain lifelong friendships with some of the most interesting people in the world, many of whom I met during my studies. It opened my eyes and expanded my universe. I was privileged to study under Professor Herb C. Kalman at Harvard University, the world expert on International Conflict Resolution, and attend lectures by Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel at Boston University.”

    Howard Sackstein
    Studied at Brandeis University, where he obtained a Master of Arts. He is the co-founder of Saicom Voice Services, and was previously the Executive Director of the Independent Electoral Commission.
  • “I was fortunate to attend Stanford Business School, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The experience transformed my life. Attending one of the top MBA programmes in the world enabled me to sharpen my critical thinking around business strategy and management, and exposed me to an incredible array of talented classmates from around the globe. Attending Stanford placed me squarely in the epicentre of technology innovation, and provided me with the springboard to participate in the formation and growth of companies that affect the lives of billions, including PayPal, YouTube, and Instagram.”

    Roelof Botha
    Studied at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where he obtained an MBA (valedictorian) in 2000. He is a partner at Sequoia Capital and was previously the Chief Financial Officer at PayPal.
  • “The Medill Programme was an amazing initiation into American culture, as I was covering news stories as a student journalist in a vibrant Midwestern city.  The programme had stringent admissions criteria, with about 15-20 openings per term, and was one of the few that offered hands-on experience of daily news reporting.

    The programme also gave me three-months’ work experience covering politics in Washington DC, and four-months working for the Associated Press News Agency in Paris. The unusual background of being South African, plus the Masters degree, helped when I went ‘knocking on doors’ in New York City afterwards looking for my first job.”

    Vanessa Valkin
    Studied at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, where she obtained a Master of Arts in Broadcast Journalism in 1996. She is the Editor of the South African Jewish Report and lives in Cape Town.
  • “The opportunity to study in the US changed the trajectory of my life. I have built a global network of friends and business associates at many of the leading companies in the world. I ultimately chose to return to South Africa, with the knowledge that a global education allows me the freedom to choose where to live.”

    Amanda Herson
    Studied at University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 2003. She also studied at the Harvard Business School, where she obtained an MBA in 2009. She is the Director of the Cape Union Mart Group and lives in Cape Town.
  • “The US higher education system is practical, world-class, and focused on building productive global leaders. It was required of me to do an internship in order to graduate, and I secured one at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, thanks to the networking skills I acquired at Highline College. Their academic focus builds you holistically, balancing both academics and extramural activities. Upon my return home, I managed to open a small business, secure a job and continued my studies at the University of Johannesburg.”

    Ernest Khathutshelo Hasha
    Studied at Highline College (Des Moines, Washington), where he obtained a Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism in 2013. He is the founder of Digital Outlook Solutions, a Johannesburg-based start-up.
  • “My Masters degree in International Relations was life-changing, in that I was at the epicentre of the exchange of ideas. New York is truly a global village, and I was exposed to people from all walks of life and their opinions, which stem from culturally diverse backgrounds. It has undoubtedly influenced my way of thinking about the world.”

    Jonathan Sapeika
    Studied at Brooklyn College (New York), where he obtained a Master of Arts in International Relations in 2010. He now works at the Cape Town office of a US law firm.
  • “The four years I spent studying in the US were transformative. My liberal arts education allowed me to experiment with many different courses, which led me to find my passion in International Relations and Economics. Not only was I immersed in a rigorous academic environment, but the “US college experience” exposed me to students from all over the globe. I became an independent thinker and developed career and life skills. Most importantly, I became a global-citizen committed to making a difference in today’s society.”

    Shirley Moihle
    Studied at Principia College (Elsah, Illinois), where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & International Relations in 2015. She recently joined En-novate, a Johannesburg-based start-up.

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